RTC present at Avery & Co’s informative Annual CPD Conference 2022 – Residential Survey and Valuation

Avery & Co Annual CPD Conference 2022 - Residential Survey and Valuation

We recently attended the Avery & Co Annual CPD Conference 2022 at The Yacht Club, Liverpool Marina.

The event was host to nearly 100 industry professionals and had 7 experts deliver presentations on their chosen subject. 3

This great day in Liverpool was generously sponsored by Surventrix and Sava and was held in association with Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes charity.

Starting the day off, We had Andrew Bradshaw, co-founder, managing partner and surveyor here at RTC. Andrew, who was the youngest qualified surveyor in the country, when he passed his first industry qualification at just 20- years-old, delivered his presentation on ‘Defects with retrofit cavity wall & spray foam insulation. Dampness in traditional buildings’.

This was a great, informative day for all involved, and we are already counting down until the next one. 1




Matthew Fedigan – Director of Domec and Postgraduate Module Leader for Law at UCEM

Presentation – ‘Case law update. Building Safety Act six months on and conflict avoidance.’

Matthew is the co-founder of Domec Professional Services, an award-winning multi-disciplinary consultancy established in 2014, based in Liverpool. His role is predominantly focused around leading service offerings relating to dispute resolution in respect of land, construction and property disputes.

Matthew is a member of the majority of leading adjudicative UK presidential panels and regularly appointed as an adjudicator on a range of dispute types of varying values and complexity. Matthew acts as a mediator applying twenty years of international experience in industry to assist parties in reaching settlement.

He is a published academic and module leader for Law at University College of Estate Management and is undertaking doctoral studies with LJMU. He is the current ‘Edward James Lawson QC’ Scholar and received this prestigious award in 2022 from the Honourable society of Gray’s Inn in respect of his academic and professional achievements in relation to law and dispute resolution. Andrew delivering his presentation


Nigel Sellars – Director of Standards at RICS

Presentation – ‘RICS and RICS residential valuation related standards update.’

Nigel Sellars leads and manages a range of RICS industry forums and is responsible for the development and delivery of international standards related projects (compromising primarily standards, guidance, insight, education and training) with a focus on property and residential valuation to ensure the consistent promotion and application of international standards within this region.

This is achieved through extensive collaboration with subject matter experts, industry influencers and public consultation.

Nigel is responsible for developing strategic relationships with other relevant companies, domestic and international professional, government, not for profit and trade bodies.


Richard Ballam – Technical Director at Houzecheck Ltd 8

Presentation – ‘A practical guide on how to successfully fight a claim.’

Richard is a chartered surveyor based in south Manchester with over twenty years experience. He originally qualified under the General Practice route but has spent most of his career in the residential survey and valuation sector doing a mixture of secured lending valuation and survey work in both the corporate and SME sectors with Countrywide, SDL Surveying and Houzecheck Ltd.

He has always enjoyed the technical challenge of the job and has particular skill in defence of complaints and PI claims and software development. The most rewarding part of his career has been training the next generation of surveyors.


Chris Davidson – Chairman at Genius Energy Labs

Presentation – ‘Ground source heat pumps, today and tomorrow’

Chris is a first-class honours degree graduate in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College, London, and has worked in the heat pump industry since 2001. He has been involved in the design and implementation of over 650 MW of installed capacity in Europe and North America.

Chris has been responsible for some of the most innovative GSHP systems and ground collectors globally, such as One New Change in London, where he pioneered energy piles in the foundations coupled with open loop water wells to achieve maximum efficiency for the system.

As an active member of the Association for Decentralised Energy, and Chair of the Policy Development Committee at the Ground Source Heat Pump Association, Chris plays a key role in shaping UK energy policy via government access.


Phil Parnham – Chartered Building Surveyor at Phil Parnham Ltd

Presentation – ‘Basements, heatwaves and how to get from an E to a C without breaking the bank!’

Phil is a Chartered Building Surveyor and has over forty years’ experience in the property sector. He has spent his first ten years working in local government and for housing associations where he developed an interest in residential defects. He took up an academic post at Sheffield City Polytechnic (latterly Sheffield Hallam University) where he helped develop its building surveying course at all levels.

in 2010, he formed BlueBox Partners with Chris Rispin where he organised and delivered a range of training courses and other services for those working in the residential property sector before setting up his own training and development consultancy.

Phil has written a number of books, journal articles and conference papers, including ‘The Surveyors Guide to RICS Home Surveys’. He was also the technical author for RICS’ information paper on Japanese Knotweed (first edition) and the RICS Professional statement on the Home Survey Standard.


Malcolm Holland – Chartered Building Surveyor at Countrywide Surveying Services

Presentation – ‘A practical guide to diagnosing structural movement’

Malcolm started his career as a land surveyor in the Royal Engineers before leaving the army to return to higher education. Having gained a degree in Building Surveying and then qualifying as a chartered surveyor in 1988, he has worked predominantly in private practice and mostly in the field of residential surveying.

During the 1190s, he spent four years as a senior lecturer at DeMontfort University teaching building construction and pathology to general practice surveyors.

He returned to private practice in 1997 and continues to practice as a residential building surveyor to date. His book, ‘A Practical Guide to Diagnosing Structural Movement’, was published in 2012 by Wiley Blackwell.




Surventrix 2

Surventrix is an established software provider for the surveying and financial markets. They provide innovative solutions, managing risk and improving efficiency for clients, saving precious time and costs.



Sava provides education, technology, and compliance services to building owners, surveyors and the wider property industry. They were established in 1983, and their roots are within energy assessment and home condition surveying.


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