External waterproofing

‘Stormdry’ is a revolutionary product, independently tested by the University of Portsmouth and developed by Safeguard Europe, to prevent water from penetrating masonry. It is a colourless, breathable, water repellent treatment for brick and stone constructed walls.

External waterproofing

All masonry walls absorb water during rainfall and then release it in dry weather conditions. This is part of the normal functions of a wall and should not cause any problems or damage. However, in periods of prolonged rainfall, walls can become saturated and penetrating damp may occur inside the building. This is especially relevant with solid walls, where cavity wall insulation has been installed incorrectly or where it shouldn’t have been installed in the first place.

When masonry gets wet, it also becomes less thermally efficient than when it is dry, which means that buildings constructed with solid walls lose more heat through them when they are wet.

Stormdry is different because it’s applied as a cream in one coat and permeates deeply into the masonry before curing to form a water repellent barrier that provides protection against penetrating damp and improves the thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry. It will even bridge small cracks (0.3mm or smaller), but, of course, any large cracks should be repaired and mortar pointing should be in good condition.

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