Damp and timber reports

As mortgage and insurance companies become ever more cautious of taking on risk, we are beginning to notice the increase in requests for pre-purchase damp and timber reports.

Whereas in the past, these damp and timber reports were mainly an optional extra designed to give the buyer additional piece of mind, post credit crunch, should the original surveyor’s damp meter indicate possible damp, then this type of report could mean the difference between getting your mortgage or not!

These damp and timber reports, which assure the lender or insure that the property is free from excessive moisture, wood boring insects, dry rot and wet rot, should only ever be carried out by a fully trained surveyor. There have been instances where hard working people have paid for a damp and timber firm from a local builder or unqualified damp proofer, only to have that damp and timber report rejected by the mortgage company. This leads to further delays and the additional expense in getting a damp and timber report from a second, qualified, surveyor.

With a damp and timber report from RTC, issues like the above will never happen. RTC’s surveyors are fully qualified and RTC are members of the Property Care Association (PCA), the Trust Marked industry body for damp professionals.

With over 20 years of surveying expertise, our extensive qualifications, along with our PCA membership, this ensures that the damp and timber report you pay for will be accepted by insurance and mortgage providers, nationwide.

How does a damp and timber report work?

Our expert surveyors will attend the property in question and ensure that a full and detailed examination of the premises is undertaken. They will inspect the outside of the property, checking for any defects that could lead to water ingress or timber damage that has already occurred, or is likely to occur, in the future. This will potentially involve inspection of the chimney, drainpipes and gutters through to an inspection of the ground floor and, also if needed, the sub floor ventilation of the property.

Following this, the expert surveyor will check to ensure that the property already has a damp proof course and check to ensure that ground level alterations have not caused bridging of this course. Internal walls will be inspected for signs of dampness and, in some circumstances, floor boards may be lifted to check the structure of the wood below foot.

Once a full and comprehensive inspection has taken place, our expert will prepare a fully detailed damp and timber report stating the condition of the property and any remedial works that may be required. Should you have any questions, or wish for additional information, the expert will also provide this.

RTC do not employ sales people and, if you get in touch, the only people you will speak to will be the experts themselves.

For any queries, or to book a survey, please contact us.

Our staff will work closely with you from survey stage, right though to the successful completion of the contract.