Lift pit waterproofing

If you have a new build lift pit, be sure to contact us before it’s constructed, as this will save you considerable time and money. RTC are experts in waterproofing all types of new or existing pits, lift, shaft and escalator pits. It doesn’t matter what it’s constructed of, we can waterproof it. RTC can transform your leaking, lift pit to a dry, clean, safe condition.

Our specifications usually involve a mixture of systems. This is dependent on the construction and extent of the problem.

Our waterproofing specifications are designed to form a permanent water-resistant barrier.

We have a range of waterproofing products that can be applied internally, externally and also to waterproof the structure itself.

It doesn’t matter if the construction is brick, concrete or concrete blocks. We can waterproof any lift pit of any age, whether it was constructed 4 weeks, 50 years or 100 years ago. Our team have proven, tried and tested solutions that are suitable for most waterproofing lift pit projects.

Lift pit waterproofing
Lift Pit Waterproofing Work
Lift Pit Waterproofing Project
Lift Pit Waterproofing to specification

There can be many reasons why water enters a pit. Commonly, the reasons are a mixture of the following:

  • No waterproofing or tanking system is installed
  • The existing waterproofing system has been incorrectly applied or damaged during the build, causing water ingress.
  • The pit is too old for any effective waterproofing system to have been originally installed
  • Adjacent construction has altered or redirected the local water table
  • Nearby water main has burst, or drainage has blocked, increasing groundwater pressure
  • The time of year. Wet weather can increase the water table dramatically

The typical systems we use for waterproofing lift pits are:

  • Natural cement-based renders and waterproof grout technology, which is an environmentally friendly, fast setting, high strength concrete repair material that starts to set in 35 minutes
  • Crystalline active cementitious slurries
  • Bonded or pre-applied sheet membranes

Our specifications usually involve a mixture of systems. This is dependant on the construction and extent of the problem

Our waterproofing specifications are designed to completely waterproof the lift pit. We work with our clients and technicians closely, to ensure that all works we carry out are done with minimum disruption.

Did you know that your lift pit waterproofing scheme should comply with BS8102:2009? This is the British Standards Institute Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground. RTC’s surveyors and designers are fully qualified structural waterproofing surveyors (CSSW).

What buildings do we work in?

We carry out lift pit repairs to new builds, commercial units, large company headquarters, factories, schools, hotels, hospitals, large houses, sheltered housing schemes and care homes. We also recognise the problems that can be created when working in sensitive environments.

New build projects

RTC install and repair waterproofing systems to lift pits and escalator pits in new builds and buildings that are still in the process of being built. We will design a system for you that is most suitable for the site conditions and construction of the lift pit.

If you have a new build lift pit, be sure to contact us before it’s constructed, as this will save you considerable time and money.

Existing buildings

We carry out lift pit waterproofing and repairs to all types of buildings, regardless of age, material or construction.

Next steps, contact us/request a site survey

A site survey helps us to better design the appropriate system, or to determine the point where the water is leaking into the lift pit or elevator shaft. From here, we can then decide the best course of action.

Our initial repair solution is conducted so that project costs are not wasted. Often, the first diagnosis leads to economical solutions to rectify the leaking lift pit.

So, if you need a lift pit waterproofing or have an existing leaking lift pit, RTC has the solution.

For any queries on lift pit waterproofing solutions, or to book a survey, please contact us.

Our staff will work closely with you from survey stage, right through to the successful completion of the contract.