Flood remediation

When a building has been subjected to flooding, it is vital that any flood remediation work is carried out by experts.

Cumbria Flood Resilience Project

RTC were pleased to be involved in an exciting, new, flood resilience project for Cumbria.

The project, which was supported by North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC) and the Environment Agency, is the first of its kind in the country.

RTC are members of the Property Care Association Flood Remediation Group and are specialists when it comes to repairing buildings that have been affected by water ingress

As members of the Property Care Association Flood Remediation Group, we can also:

1. Assist in the recovery of the flooded building.

Assist the company undertaking the drying aspects of the property and can undertake investigations to highlight areas at greatest risk from fungal decay or degradation. This will reduce the possibility of problems with dry rot and other latent defects affecting the building after the drying out process is complete.

2. Provide effective repairs to damaged areas of the property.

At RTC, we deal with damp and dampness every day and our experience in dealing with rising and penetrating dampness can also be applied to a flooded building. We are experienced in the damage caused by water ingress and can advise on the necessary solution as a result of the water ingress. Problems with repairs that are flooding related are common – but these may only surface sometime after the property is repaired.

3. Providing refurbishment and repair solutions can introduce greater long-term resilience to future flood water ingress.

In some instances, it may be possible to undertake repairs that will provide the building with far greater resilience to future floods. With our expertise in waterproofing, we are ideally placed to help.

As members of the PCA Flood Remediation Group, RTC have to meet tough criteria.

RTC can be called upon to provide high-quality flood remediation works, as well as advice and guidance with drying the building and preventing decay following a flood.

For any queries on flood remediation solutions, or to book a survey, please contact us.

Our staff will work closely with you from survey stage, right through to the successful completion of the contract.