Letting agents

Our understanding of the very specific demands and challenges of working with letting agents is second to none. We have partnered extensively with letting agents, management companies, housing associations and local authorities to carry out specialist repairs of tenanted properties throughout the North-West.

Our wealth of experience working within these sectors means that we have developed unique insight and capabilities to provide our industry accredited preservation solutions on time and within budget. 

We work exceedingly hard to maintain our reputation as the best value solution to preservation problems. This model has resulted in decades of successful working relationships with letting agents, housing associations, local authorities and other public bodies.

Our fully qualified and PCA accredited surveyors and highly experienced technicians are key to maintaining this reputation. Our surveyors will be able to accurately identify and diagnose any preservation problems and associated issues. Following our in-depth surveys, you will be sent a detailed report and specification with any costs of any work that may be required. All work is then protected by out long-term insurance backed guarantees, providing you with complete assurance and peace of mind that you can depend on our services.

Letting agents pre-tenancy surveys

Similar to our pre-purchase surveys, prior to taking out a new tenancy or renewing an existing tenancy agreement, we can provide a pre-tenancy survey followed by a full condition report.

A pre-tenancy survey is undertaken prior to a landlord renting out the property and executing a lease agreement. The purpose of the pre-tenancy survey is to enable the prospective landlord to understand all the issues relating to the property and deal with them proactively rather than reactively, which is normally the case.

Our long and successful partnerships with letting agents’ means that we have the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat preservation problems such as damp, condensation and mould, wood rot, woodworm, cavity wall tie corrosion and structural repairs, across all types of housing stock.

Our fully qualified CSTDB surveyors are some of the most experienced and qualified in the entire industry.

Before recommending a treatment plan, our surveyors will perform a detailed comprehensive investigation of the property to establish the scope and scale of any problems.

Upon arriving at the site, our specialist surveyor will provide a full consultancy and diagnosis service including:

  • A thorough investigation of both external and internal sides of the property
  • Application of the latest property preservation diagnosis technology to accurately identify problems
  • Identification of the underlying causes to any apparent problems
  • Diagnosis of any secondary factors contributing to or caused by the issue
  • Delivery of a full, detailed report following the survey
The report will describe the scale and scope of the preservation and restoration issues in the property, along with a proposed treatment plan to rectify them.
We have vast experience working in tenanted properties and we have been working with letting agents, management companies and landlords to complete their projects on time and on budget for decades. Our holistic repair and preservation service means that once any building flaws have been identified, we have a team of specialist technicians at hand to work on correcting them right away; minimising delays and interruptions to the project.

Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems are key.

Providing suitable and adequate ventilation is the key to not only ensuring compliance with current building regulation guidelines, but to also provide healthier homes for your tenants.

Whether it be the installation of constant run humidistat controlled extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms, whole house positive input ventilation systems (PIV’s), heat recovery fans or even non-mechanical possi-vents, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the best solution for the property.

The installation of extractor fans will include full commissioning and we will ensure building regulation guidelines on flow rates are being achieved.

Fitting a ‘standard’ extractor fan is likely to have little effect. If the fan is connected to a light switch or operated by a pull cord, it will often be unused. Even when it is used, it will most likely be turned off before it’s had chance to extract all the moisture laden air. These fans will not comply with current legislation and the landlord could be leaving themselves open for potential litigation.

Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act

RTC are compliant with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, amending the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, to require that residential accommodation is provided and maintained in a state of fitness for human habitation; and for connected purposes.

RTC can advise and recommend appropriate measures.

Government guidance on damp and mould

With the government releasing recent guidance on ‘understanding and addressing the health risks of damp and mould in the home’, the need for experts to address these issues has never been greater.

The guidance is a direct response to the coroner’s report in which 2-year-old Awaab Ishak, from Rochdale, died as a result of a severe respiratory condition from prolonged exposure to mould in his home.

The aim of the guidance provided is to make sure that social and private sector landlords have a thorough understanding of their legal responsibilities, and of the serious health risks that damp and mould, pose.

Within this report the government recognise the high standards set by the Property Care Association (PCA) and its members, by emphasising the necessity for engaging a suitable, competent and qualified tradesperson such as a Certificated Surveyor of Timber & Dampness in Buildings (CSTDB) as well as using a company that is TrustMark approved.

RTC can advise landlords on what they may need to do to protect themselves should a legal case be brought against them.

Mould removal

Our specialist mould removal service is extremely popular, and our extensive experience when it comes to the removal and treatment of mould is second to none. It is now not acceptable for tenants to be subjected to mould and fast action is required to remove it. If required, our team would be not only happy to provide this service, but to also provide recommendations on how to help prevent it from returning once and for all.

For any queries, or to book a survey, please contact us.

Our staff will work closely with you from survey stage, right through to the successful completion of the contract.