Waterproofing inspection pits at Leyland Trucks


We have recently completed a waterproofing project at Leyland Trucks, one of Britain’s leading manufacturing companies.

Leyland Trucks have become the PACCAR Group’s established centre for light and medium duty truck design, development and manufacture, and It is one of the jewels in the crown of PACCAR production locations around the world. It is regularly praised for its efficiency, safety and cleanliness in both internal and external benchmarking exercises.

The project was completed over four phases and comprised of 3 larger pits to house new ‘truck sized’ brake testing equipment and 2 ‘smaller’ inspection pits.

The contract took place throughout 2022 to allow the factory to stay open throughout the improvement works.

Construction of the pits themselves was undertaken by ND Civils & Groundworks Limited and was technically challenging due to the nature of the concrete structure required, the ground conditions and the live factory all around.

Inspection pits are generally narrow sunken areas in the ground which a vehicle can drive over and park so that mechanics can gain easy access under the vehicle without the need to jack or lift the vehicle up.

The bigger pits were designed to house very large brake testing equipment and are completely hidden.

Products used

Waterproofing protection was achieved using multiple layers including pre-applied membrane, waterbar, crystalline active slurry, waterproof mortar fillets, bonded sheet membrane and a drainage/protection layer.

Products were from Safeguard Europe & Delta Membranes. The waterproofing design and specification was provided and warrantied by RTC.

(Contract value category £50k-£100k)

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Waterproofing design specialist
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